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Party Tricks: Find Your Perfect Fabric Dye Color

I always love sharing my secrets and today I want to share a source for finding that perfect color fabric dye. A quick trip down the fabric dye aisle at the craft store can leave you feeling sad at the lack of choices. Rit, one of the most popular fabric dye brands has the solution, the ColoRit Color Formula Guide. Ever wanted that perfect hue of coral or great turquoise? Been inspired by all those DIY dyed linens on Pinterest? Use the ColoRit Color Formula Guide and get a recipe for any of 500 colors. Yep. Just browse the color palettes and pick a hue. Rit will tell you the exact formula to mix the standard powdered dyes to make your perfect color.

It's easy! I've tried it and I adored the pale peach I ended up with. It was spot on awesome! Ombre, dip dye, paint it on watercolor style, what ever you want to make now in any shade you want. Check it out, play around and go dye something for your summer entertaining.

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