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A Classic Font for Father's Day: Gin

Classic, vintage, timeless. I have always loved the packaging on liquor bottles. My newest favorites are whiskey and gin bottles. The logos and packaging always have that masculine twist and the feel of being both rugged yet sophisticated. GIN, by Mattox Shuler, belongs on one of those bottles. Check out the notched corners, adding just a bit of style. This font would be great for signage at a wedding or on save the dates. I think it would be perfect to use on bunting, but I always find a reason for that.

Right now the whole family is 50% off. I love it when fonts have a variety of styles, because I like to have options. And you know I love line versions. My favorite is the regular, I always prefer cleaner cut fonts. Which do you like best?

Check out my font pals, kind of like pen pals except we write about our favorite fonts. These gals always have the BEST picks!

Catherine of Design Editor // Kerry of Super Swoon

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