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How do you make cool letter cupcake toppers? You could use the limited selection they sell at the craft store, paint them and pop 'em on a stick. Or you could use a Silhouette and make them out of any old font you like! Well, you know how I hate having limited options, especially when it comes to fonts. I used the new chipboard sheets and whipped up my own set of cool cupcake toppers. The chipboard is great because it is thin enough for the machine to cut, but thick enough to be painted and stand on it's own as a letter.  Since the Silhouette Portrait can use any font that is loaded on your computer, I chose one of my favorites, AmarilloUSAF (a freebie from, a great modern font with cool notched corners. Love it!

You will need: a Silhouette Portrait, a chipboard sheet, toothpicks, a hot glue gun and craft paint with a brush.

Since the chipboard comes in 12" x 12" sheets, you need to trim one side down to 8.5" before pressing it onto your cutting mat.

In Silhouette Studio, start a new project, add your choice of font, type your word or words and adjust the font size.

Load your cutting mat, set your cut to chipboard and adjust your blade to the recommended depth number. Cut and voila! Easy chipboard letters. As I was doing this I thought how fun would it be to do a full script word? On my to do list.

Carefully peel off your letters. Flip over your letters and hot glue toothpicks to the bottom.

Paint any color of the rainbow. I let a few colors blend to get the painterly or watercolor look. Once each letter is painted, gently lift up and replace on a clean portion of your paper, this will keep it from sticking. (Don't ask why I know that.) Let dry.

Pop these cuties in a cupcake or group them on a cake and call it "A" party.

I got the chance to see what I could do with the new chipboard for my Silhouette Portait, and for a limited time you can try it out too at a great discounted price. Silhouette is offering a promotion this week for my readers! All you have to do is use the promo code "HANK" and you can get these great deals here:

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Silhouette (I recieve free product, etc..) all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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