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Party Organizer: DIY Sprinkle Rack

Everyone loves cupcakes. Many of you, like me, love sprinkles. They are the easiest way to add subtle pop of color for your party and make your homemade cupcakes look like they are straight from the bakery. But how do you organize your sprinkles? I found a great mango wood spice rack from West Elm and decided to display the tiny jimmies and nonpareils. With ten pretty glass bottles filled to the brim with my favorite colors of sprinkles, a simple spice rack has now become my personal sprinkle rack.

You will need:

an awesome spice rack


Wash and dry your bottles. Add sprinkles. Display. Easiest DIY ever.

Looking for a great hostess gift for the baker in your life? This would be perfect. The spice rack I used is out of stock online, but I went to my local West Elm store and found it. So check yours or use a similar one here.


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