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DIY Flocked Confetti Napkins

For the longest time I have been looking for an easy way to make confetti linens, and I have finally found the easiest way EVER. Silhouette America has a great set of heat transfer products, both smooth and flocked that are amazing. So amazing in fact that I can't stop flocking things. I made superhero tanks for my boys, and have plans to make pillows, baby gifts and more of these awesome napkins. I'm even tempted to bring this in as a remix to my confetti tablecloth, and it is going to be awesome. These confetti dot napkins are perfect for July 4th, and I made them in mere minutes using vintage red napkins. There is something about a vintage red that just has a little more orange in it and makes it really pop. Use new napkins from your favorite store or find some at your favorite thrift shop, either way, a pop of confetti makes them new and fun. And when they are this easy to make, there is no reason that anyone (even those that have dubbed themselves 'non-crafty') should miss out on this.

What I used: Silhouette Portrait, white flocked heat transfer material (in this kit), an iron and a flour sack towel.

In Silhouette Studio, use the shape tool to create a circle the size you need. These are 1" circles. Hint: hold the shift key down to make it a perfect circle. Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate. Arrange them in your cutting area. Set your cutter to the right setting for flocked heat transfer material, insert sheet and cut away.

Gently peel off the excess flocking, it should come off in one piece. Cut into squares and place fuzzy face down on your napkin in a corner. Arrange to look like a scattering of confetti. Lay a thin ironing cloth or flour sack towel over the dots and napkin and iron firmly for 45-60 seconds. The plastic should peel away easily, if not iron for a bit longer. Repeat on remaining napkins.

That's it. Instant update for your next fete. Secret hint- make any shape you like with this, if you don't have a machine, you could even use this stuff by cutting it with scissors. It will take forever to make confetti dots, but it could be done.

I love trying our heat transfer material and everything in my house is now in danger of being flocked. For a limited time you can try it out too at a great discounted price. Silhouette is offering a promotion this week for my readers! All you have to do is use the promo code "HANK" and you can get these great deals here:

Can I emphasize that the heat transfer material is buy one get one FREE?!! People, I just got all of the colors, seriously.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Silhouette and I recieved free product for this review. I will only share prodcuts that I love that I think my readers will love. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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