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How to Make a Giant Geometric Garland

I love traditional crepe paper streamers. Sometimes you just want something extra special for your party. Using crepe paper folds you can have a custom streamer. I love anything that isn't the standard lot you can find in the party section and this DIY is so easy that anyone can make it. It adds a modern twist with the hottest of trends in parties, geometrics. Cut out little diamond shapes out of your own streamers and add a pop of interest. There is no need to just use plain old streamers any more. Check out the full DIY over on Julep. Don't forget that you can take this and cut out a heart instead for a little streamer love or cut out a star for some punch. I try to make DIYs that can inspire you to make something fun in a little amount of time. Even non-crafters can have a great party with DIY details, really.

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