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30 Days of Garland DIYS

I'm in need of a creative burst of inspiration. I also need to clear out my notebook of DIYs. They are so sad and lonely in those pages, amazing fun, just waiting to be shared so I thought I would spend the next month doing what I do best. Garland. I'm crazy, you know this. I think about making all kinds of things into garland. I wander aisles of the craft store wishing I could pop it all on a string and throw a party. 30 Days of Garland is my new adventure. For the next 30 days, I will be sharing a garland DIY every day. How can there even be 30 different types of garland? There are so many versions and varieties of garland, bunting and streamers that we could do this all year. There are a few basic skills, that you will learn along the way. You will see that simply changing the materials, colors and shapes can help you create unique, personalized and, best of all, handmade garland.

I will be honest. I have a terrible habit of starting a project or new series and letting it fade. This is an exercise for me to keep focused, streamline my DIYs so I can produce more and improve my photography. I have also found that when I am making crazy amounts of projects, my creativity goes off the charts and I get tons of new ideas. Sounds like a perfect way to start planning holiday DIYs, right?

By the way, if I can accomplish this crazy task, "30 Things You Can Paint Gold" is scheduled for September. Wish me luck and follow along on the fun with Twitter and on Instagram with the hashtag #ohmygarland.

Not crazy about garland? Don't fret! There will still be other posts, some great real parties, font fridays and cool finds to be shared this month too!


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