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A Big Hooray, Banner That Is

Every year for the first day of school, I surprise the boys with a party when they get home. Nothing huge, just a plate of their favorite funfetti cookies and some party decorations. It's just a little thing I have done since the very first time Henry went to preschool. It's a little thing that I will continue to do for many more years to come. They already expect it, not much of a surprise anymore, but that's the wonderful thing about kids. When something special happens, we stop no matter what and celebrate it. That's all there is to it. This year, Hunter started Kindergarten, so we had to do something extra special and BIG. So, I made this giant hooray banner. 

Big Hooray printable giant garland.JPG

I popped into Illustrator and sized up my document to be 24" x 36", wowza.

To make the rest of the banner, I clicked SHIFT+O to get to the art boards editing field. I clicked and dragged the whole thing over to duplicate the page while holding the ALT key. Be sure to release your mouse before you release the ALT key. This copies the whole thing, size, format, any illustrations on the page. Do this as many times as you need letters. Once you have enough pages for all of your letters, hit ESC to exit out of edit mode.

I typed out HOORAY in Bebas font. I made my letters as big as they would go, about 1900px. This was not big enough, but that is about as big as you can make a font. Select the whole word and under the type menu, click CREATE OUTLINES, this will change your font to a drawing, so you can click and drag that baby up to super size. Right click and UNGROUP. Now just pop on each page and add the letters. Center the letters on the pages and smile. You just made a poster of a giant letter. The great thing is that this will work on all kinds of fonts.

big hooray backdrop.JPG

Now save that document as a PDF and head on over to your local copy shop with a large format printer. I went to Fedex/Kinkos (which I will forever call Kinkos) and printed up this mega banner for about $30. So worth it. In case you don't want to make one of these in Illustrator (or can't) I have added a download of my banner that you can take and have printed.  


For the party, I just taped these giant letters to the wall. Now if that isn't a big Hooray, I don't know what is. I also added a few strands of giant garland and added a few party hats to the accessories.


big hooray accessories.JPG
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