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A Crafting Club Party

Every month we (Aleah, Brianne and I) have started holding a Crafting Club. It's comprised of local friends and Seattle bloggers that typically spend their time crafting goodies for others. The girls and I realized that we are pretty behind in expanding our own skill sets and learning some new stuff just for fun. Crafting Club is where we can share and learn from each other, while chatting and having sips of bubbly. It's like a craft lesson (or two or three) and a girl's day out all in one. Since we are all so busy, it seemed like the perfect solution! This month was my turn to host and I wanted it to be extra special. Since the focus is primarily on crafts, I wanted the decor to be simple but fun. I used the Sweet Flora invites from Tiny Prints as my inspiration. I made an inspiration board and started crafting the party.

crafting party tiny prints 1.JPG

Instead of the usual cupcakes, I got a cake for Brianne's birthday (which was Sunday) that kept the sweet floral theme. A few pops of purple in the flowers on the cake and the candles was just enough. And how about that frosting? The flowers were giant and I think there might have been more frosting than cake. A local grocery store makes these cakes and you can even get cupcakes with one huge flower on them. Yum!

I also decorated the wall behind the treats table with big, super simple navy tissue paper flowers. I wanted the depth of the color range from the invite with something that would complement it and not necessarily match it. Navy was perfect. I arranged the paper flowers to resemble the invitation, heavy in one corner with a few extra here and there spreading out across the whole backdrop. A simple frame from the clearance bin at the craft store spray painted gold was the perfect way to accent the cake. It's like a pretty 3D picture that you can eat!

crafting party tiny prints.JPG

I used bouquets of eucalyptus to keep it simple and tone down the color palette. The party would get colorful enough with all the different color card stock, crepe paper and tissue paper that I wanted to keep the decor super simple.

crafting party tiny prints invite.JPG

We had two tables set up for crafting. My usual round dining table, and a folding table that I covered in a great huge piece of home decor fabric with a high contrast pattern. I rented chairs in black, so that all my guests were comfortable and to have a cohesive rather than hodge podge look.  The result was so much prettier than having a bunch of mismatched chairs. I also set up simple stations of crafts, nibbles and libations.

crafting party beverage bar.JPG

At the drink station, to make it pop a little more, I used a set of vintage glasses and a great black and white striped paper runner. This kept clean up a breeze and made the bar work better with the design. A variety of Dry sodas (a local favorite), lemonades, and mixers were all that you need to have a proper bar. A set of nice plastic cups from Chinet made up for my smaller vintage set and blended right in. These were great for the little ones running around. We have a good sized back yard so since my boys would be there, I thought why not invite the rest of the littles to party along side their mom? The kids had a blast, stealing partially made paper flowers to "finish" themselves and the moms of the bunch got a chance to relax without having to plan for a sitter.

crafting party tiny prints supplies.JPG

Crafting parties need lots of tools. Arrange the multiples of scissors, tapes and twine in interesting ways, like on a cake stand. I did this to free up workspace on the table and to hold the maximum amount of crafting tools. Using containers and platters in non-traditional ways is a great way to add style to your party. Your craft tools might not be the prettiest, mine sure see a lot of action, but setting them on a pretty plate distracts from that while allowing for full view so people can find what they need quickly. I will also take out the paper labels from tape dispensers and the like, it just looks nicer.

twine bar crafting party.JPG

I snagged a great acrylic brochure panel at the thrift store a while back. It was a great way to display different ribbons and cording, like my collection of  Hemptique twine in a rainbow of colors, I even have some in bakers twine. Parties should be simple and easy, even little casual get togethers like this. Focus on what your guests need and the party will take care of itself.

crafting party tiny prints in process.JPG

This post was part of a series sponsored by Tiny Prints. All opinions are my own.  

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