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A Creative Font For Halloween

I'm on a mission to give a little Halloween love back to the grown-ups, but not making it R rated gory. I just want to bring a little chic to the party. Port is a great font by Joao Oliveira and does just that. It's one of the fonts that is more engaging, so you will need to use Illustrator to snag all the cool glyphs and make it sing. But it is oh so pretty and elegant, it is worth the extra effort. This would be another fantastic font for an invitation suite, place cards or even a logo. I really like how it pops against the dark background.

specimen port.png

If you love this, don't forget to search the archives for some font loving goodies. Also, check out my pals and their archives. You'd think we would have run out of awesome fonts by now, but nope, still going strong!  

Super Swoon // Design Editor  

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