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A Great Place Card or Gift Tag Font: Feather Script

Happy Font Friday! Sure there are lots of place cards out there, but you still have to put names on them.  I like to use a font and run them through the printer. It's been a while since I found a pretty script font. I always love script fonts at this time of year, when we get a bit fancier and start hearing Dean Martin and Ella Fitzgerald in the air. I like things on the modern side but a retro script font paired with geometrics and other modern decor is a fun clash of styles and works so well. Feather Script is a great new font I found at My Fonts from Patrick Griffin, check out those letters!

feather script.png

This kind of font is perfect for names on place cards or to add one or two stunning words to gift guides (for all you bloggers out there still wrapping them up). I love the word Dorsey especially, the "r" and "s" are just divine. A script font where all the letters are really legible is one of my favorite things.  

feather script 2.png

If you love this, don't forget to search the archives for some font loving goodies. Also, check out my pals and their archives. You'd think we would have run out of awesome fonts by now, but nope, still going strong!  

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