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A Modern Holiday Table Setting: New Year's Ideas

A Modern Holiday Table Setting: New Year's Ideas

In the craziness of finishing up our list and checking it twice, now is the time to start thinking of New Year's. While you are out and about snagging last minute essentials for your Christmas table, be sure to grab a few additions for your New Year's table. New Year's is about starting over, looking at the world with fresh eyes and choosing your path. Why not kick it off with a punch and start it off beautifully, forging ahead with something new? Host a New Year's dinner and keep it simple, fresh and modern. Use a new color palette you have never tried for your table settings, like this amazing turquoise set from B by Brandie. Mix and match salad plates, chargers and the rest to your heart's content, swap out your dinner plates for variety.

modern place setting holiday.JPG

Keep your table clear and open by using a tall, thin candleabra. I love this one from Crate and Barrel. The angles are divine and mimic the diamond pattern on the plates. Use either light colored candles, as seen here or black for a more moody vibe. The openess of the candleabra allows for conversation.

open centerpiece for table settings.JPG

Make your table fun. Find a great fabric and use it instead of a table cloth. This black and white ikat like pattern was the key to taking a drab table and added a ton of detail. The table feels fuller than it is and the black and white pattern really helps the aqua plates pop off the table. Mix and match your metal finishes and eras, like I did here using my favorite vintage Dirilyte flatware.

new years table setting idea.JPG

Always have a floral arrangement. It can be foliage instead, but be sure to have something alive. I opted to have one on my Society Social bar cart next to the table. It is still in the room but clears up the table. I took a simple cylinder vase and dipped it in confetti. It's New Year's and you have to have confetti somewhere. Stay tuned for a quick and simple DIY for this in the works.

modern new years floral arrangement.JPG

A fun idea, why not have two of the same size fork for your salad and dinner forks? It looks fresh and I love the length. It's breaking all the rules but it's a New Year's and rules were meant to be broken, right?

two big forks table setting ideas.JPG

If you want a fuller table and an open arrangement is a smidge on the stark side, move the flowers to the center of the table. The gorgeous length of Amaranthus can weave through the place settings like garland, adding a ton of luxury and interest to the table. I love, love, love Amaranthus. I am also loving mix and match glasses. My favorite water glasses from Crate and Barrel and these gorgeous Olivia Wine/Champagne combo glasses from B by Brandie. Business on the top, party on the bottom, perfect for a little bubbly.

modern full floral centerpiece.JPG

I also made my own napkins the quick and easy way, without any sewing! You will need one yard of fabric, washed, dried and ironed. Take the yard of fabric and cut it into four squares, 18" by 18". Then on each side, cut a small slit about 1/2" in from the side. Pull and tear a strip of fabric off the edge. Repeat on all sides. Trim the excess strings. This torn edge is fresh, modern and contrasts well with a formal place setting. This watercolor fabric is divine, I found it at a mill end fabric store.  I like how it has the colors of the plates but not perfectly. It is so important to vary the shades of the color palette, or else you risk the look being to stiff.

easy no sew napkins.JPG
fun modern new years with b by brandie.JPG

I love a good party. Be sure to stock up now so you are all set for New Year's too. It's already crazy, I like to get everything out of the way so all I need to do between Christmas and New Year's is recharge and relax.

Products were provided by B by Brandie. All opinions are my own.

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