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A Perfect Party Rug From FLOR

I like a lot of variety, I like to switch it up. I think this is why it takes me so long to decide on something big for my home like a rug. I need versatility. I need something in my dining room that can take a beating one day and look fabulous for a photo shoot or party the next. FLOR modular carpet tiles are amazing. I can have one pattern for everyday and then I can change around the tiles to instantly have a party room. Confetti for my floor? Yes, please! 

When I decorate for a party, I have a basic range of colors that I always use. If you take a quick look around this blog, you can see that I am pretty dedicated to my favorite colors. Look back at your own parties and you will see that you are drawn to a certain palette. When picking colors for my dining room, I kept this in mind. I wanted my rug to accent and add to my party style. I love bold pops of color and crisp white neutrals, which even makes the colors pop even more.   Since my walls and dining set are white, a colorful rug allows me to go crazy with color but also lets the eye rest so it doesn't feel so busy.  A rug in my favorite hues, adds fun to my everyday routine with a little party for my floor.

flor tile party rug.JPG

I recently got a great deal on a vintage tulip table and scored some simple white chairs. Even though I convinced myself that my empty dining area was cool, it was missing something. When it wasn't styled, it looked like we just moved in. I can't hang art on the far wall because I would be constantly taking it down to hang garland for shoots and since I have two crazy boys, I'll admit I was kind of scared to get a rug. But I desperately needed something to amp up my dining room so it didn't look like a photo studio. We still live in it everyday, so studio chic isn't the style I was looking for.

before FLOR tiles.JPG

FLOR had just the thing, a chevron pattern and a kaleidoscope pattern. I could choose some colors and change my rug on a whim. This is where my Design Consultant came in. I called Michelle, who listened to me and my crazy obsession with color. I told her I wanted bright and she gave me options. A few were crazy bright, and a few were a bit more subdued. She didn't judge, but instead helped guide me to the more livable options. Before we settled, she even suggested that I look at samples to see the colors in person, this was the best idea ever. Did you know some colors look completely different in your space than they do in a photo online? Once we got our little box of squares, they were like mini FLOR tiles, the boys and I played around for a few days. We would set some together and then change out one or two. We kept coming back to a simple and neutral cobalt (deep blue), bone (off white) and hot pink. And yes, we consider hot pink a neutral at casa H+H.

When I sent my color choice to Michelle, she suggested that I add one more color to make the rug pop, a bright red. I could hug her. How did she know? She figured me out and she also figured out the crazy part of calculating how many tiles in each color we would need to make both the chevron and kaleidoscope pattern happen. I consider myself pretty bright, but the thought of that makes my brain hurt. All I needed to do when my tiles arrived was print out Michelle's pattern, grab a helper, and get started.

Installing FLOR tiles.JPG

Since my rug has diagonally cut tiles to make the pattern happen, there was a bit of extra fuzz. I just set out all of my tiles and vacuumed them quickly. A small price to pay for having the tiles cut perfectly in half by FLOR. I didn't realize they would do that for me and I literally jumped up and down with happiness when I first opened the box.  We started in one corner of the room and my seven year old helped me. It took about 10 - 15 mins to lay down the pattern. Really.  

chevron flor tiles.JPG

I just adore these colors in chevron. It's like mod meets preppy. Big bold and bright, my favorite. I love how clear the colors are. As bold as this is, did you know the chevron is my choice for an everyday look? It makes my space feel so much bigger too! Who knew putting in a rug would make your room look bigger? Learning new stuff everyday.

chevron flor rug 2.JPG

We have a party coming up this Saturday, and we needed to put our party pants on. So Henry and I grabbed our pattern sheet and started switching up tiles. Literally took only a few minutes and we had a whole new look. 

ready to party flor tiles.JPG

A fun bright pop of color, like geometric confetti. If one of my guests drops something on it, I can just pop it out and rinse it off. It's party foul proof and kid proof.  This rug will stand the test of many, many parties. In the future, if this color scheme clashes too much with a party, all I need to do is order a few more tiles and swap out a shade. Can anyone say trade the blue for a pop of green for Christmas? I love the idea of a retro modern awesome holiday. This rug is fun and easy to update. If we move into a smaller or larger space, we just switch the tiles around. Easy.  FLOR tiles are a perfect solution for someone like me who likes to entertain and style (even restyle) their home.

FLOR Possibility Studio™ -- Your Design. Guaranteed.   
FLOR offers a high-touch design service to help customers create an inspired living space through their own unique FLOR composition with the assistance of our talented designers. The Possibility Studio is available in all FLOR stores across the country or by calling the company’s Chicago headquarters.  Every design created through the Possibility Studio comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Work with one of their designers to create your own FLOR composition.  Feel free to see how it looks in your surroundings for up to 30 days – risk free.  FLOR will work with you to make it just so or even take it back (on them.)  

I have always been a huge fan of FLOR modular carpet tiles. I might even hoard their catalogs. I received this rug for free. This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.  

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