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Behind the Scenes at Land of Nod

On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to host a craft party at Land of Nod. There are a few brands that I ADORE beyond belief and Land of Nod is one of them. Even if you don't have any kids, I swear you need to get their catalog. Gold lamps, custom upholstered beds in killer prints (can you say queen size baby?) a slew of gorgeous rugs and they just added a whole line of insanely amazing dressers (and these too) that need to find their way into my living room STAT.  (psst...just went to get the links for this post and there's a little Friends and Family sale going on. Woohoo!) Back to my event. I got a bunch of card stock and my rotary cutter and went to town. I made a bazillion little strips to create a chain link garland party. Almost like a garden party, but way more fun.

land of nod a.jpg

I made 13 garlands to hang above our crafting station. From light citron through the rainbow of greens, blues, deep purple and pinks back to yellow, I used about 40 sheets of paper to make all these bad boys. Each 12x12 sheet makes about 10 strips.

I'm in Seattle and the event was at the University Village store, so I thought a rainbow was fitting. That way if it was a rainy day, we're known to have some around these parts, it would still bring a little sunshine inside.  I wanted the installation to feel tent like, so the outer edge is wider and all the colors come together in the center.

land of nod c.jpg

From the center, I took these geometric felt garlands and let them hang down like a modern chandelier. It was easy to do, all you need is a few different colors and versions. Take each strand and grab it at a different spot to divide it in half, so that each half is a different length. Vary the lengths between each strand so they hang in a random effect. Tie and hang. Easy peasy. 

When decorating a room or for a party, I recommend making at least one thing. Even if you aren't crafty you can still take something simple, like a chain garland and go big. When you group a bunch of anything together, even the simplest craft, you get a big impact. When you make it by hand, you can customize the colors, shapes, sizes, textures and patterns. Then, once you have your personalized piece, make it easy on yourself and find great premade goodies in solid colors to accent it, aka the felt garlands and paper fan garlands. A little bit of time and effort makes the whole space feel fun and exciting, in home decor or your next fete.

land of nod uv 10.JPG

What's even better? When you make something simple, like a chain garland, even your little ones can get in on the fun. Ever since the boys were little I have helped them create things bigger than they are. With a little prep from you, cutting shapes or strips in this case, and a kid friendly adhesive like Glue Dots, even toddlers can make amazing things. A strip, a Glue Dot and forming a circle is all it takes to make a chain garland. It is a standard kid craft and I wanted to show the families that joined us that even little things made with little hands can make a big decor statement.

glue dots and chain garland.JPG
land of nod uv 12.JPG

I am always amazed and inspired by every child's use of color. It's imperfect and that's what makes it beautiful. They haven't learned the rules yet and just let the colors take their place however they look best. I love the color palettes that were chosen. One that I am obsessed with was a great collection of my favorite green, pale pink and deep indigo with pops of other colors. Completely random, but amazing to see how colors you wouldn't normally put together really shine. Kids are awesome. 

land of nod uv 11.JPG

Everyone had a great time and I think left inspired to be a little more creative. The kids had a blast and a few even left with bracelets. I hope I got everyone who attended to look at chain garland in a new way and realize that craft parties are fun.

A huge thank you to Glue Dots for donating the adhesive for the event, without you there would be no chains at all! A big thank you to Land of Nod for having me at their store; I had a great time and I hope you did too.  

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