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Bold Headline Font with a Twist: Lalalo

I'm a sucker for all those magazine style headlines on blogs. Bold black letters on a  clean and crisp white background. I love the classic fonts, Futura and Brandon Grotesque, fonts you see on Kate Spade and J Crew. Simple bold classics, but let's say you don't have the budget for it or you just want something a little different? Enter Lalalo. Now, I only like this in all caps, but it's pretty fun.  Check out the lines with "candy shop" and "fairytale." It is just a slightly more casual font, perfect for a Friday headline, right? Right now Lalalo is 90% off, so get all 7 fonts in the family for a whopping $15!

lalalo 2.png

A cool addition to this? Check out the frames. I really want to find a use for those diamond edged brackets, how modern and classic is that?  

lalalo brackets.png

Think of the fun you could have with this? Want more? Check out my font pals and get a weekly dose of the best fonts out there. Don't forget to follow #fontfriday on Twitter!

Catherine of Design Editor // Kerry of Super Swoon 

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