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How To Make Dip Dye Tassel Napkin Rings

Welcome to the world of forgotten DIYs. If you are a DIY blogger, you know this happens more often than you might admit. You have a list of crazy awesome DIYs and you can only get to some of them. A few great ideas get left on the list or lost on a scratch piece of paper. Some DIYs even end up partially shot yet still forgotten. Well let's resurrect this one because it is super easy and tassels are still very on trend, especially for summer.  

Dip dye tassels are easy to make. I found this great shop with all of the tassels you could ever want. They even carry these cotton tassel napkin rings, the perfect base to create any shade tassel we like. For fun, let's only dip half of the tassel and to create our dip dye DIY.  (note: at time of publishing, the site was acting up, bookmark it for later!)

windows alt dinner.JPG

You will need: 

Cotton tassels

Fabric dye (I used Dylon brand) 


Old cookie sheet

diy dip dye tassels.JPG
dip dye tassels dry.JPG

First, you will mix small amounts of dye according to the directions. I used large glass mixing bowls. Take a tassel and holding the top loop, dip the bottom of the tassel into the dye bath. Keep in the dye for about a minute or to the desired darkness of the color. Use a spoon to push the tassel into the bath. Hold over the bowl and let most of the excess drip off. Lay on a foil lined cookie sheet until dry. Hint: I wanted to keep my dye line a clean as possible and had the tassel lying at an incline (un-dyed portion up) so the dye wouldn't seep up the tassel. Using a blow dryer helps speed the process a bit.

dip dye tassel napkin rings wash.JPG

Once they are dry, I waited until the next day, it is time to wash out the excess dye. Set a bowl with cold water and dish soap near the sink. Grab a bunch of tassels together and wash gently by hand. Rinse well with cold water in the sink and wring out each tassel by hand. Wrap in paper towel and wring dry. Set out on a clean foil lined cookie sheet to dry. 

dip dye tassels after wash dry diy.JPG

These tassels were made for the Windows dinner I styled at Alt SLC this past January. They looked so punchy with the fringe runner and brightly colored fabric napkins. Even though it was at a restaurant, there is not reason you can't jazz up the standard napkins and place settings.  A special thanks to my friend Lauren who took the actual dinner pictures. I was so focused on getting the parties ready that I forgot to bring my camera.  

dip dye tassel napkin rings.JPG

Another note for party decor, remember that you can repurpose all sorts of things. For example, I painted paper mache morovian stars in a bright palette to decorate the fringe table runner. Who says you can only glitter them for Christmas? I think a bright pop of color on those great geometric angles looks great and would be perfect for a summer party. How fun would they be hanging over a dessert buffet?

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