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DIY Fringe Kate Spade Tablecloth

DIY Fringe Kate Spade Tablecloth


Even if you have never sewn a stitch in your life, you can make this simple fringe tablecloth. Just add your favorite trim and sew around the bottom of a super cute tablecloth like this one from Kate Spade. Preppy chic has never been so quick and easy. I love good modern table linens. I wish there were more of them. Kate Spade always has a great selection of fun prints and bold colors to add to any girl's collection of tablecloths.

Have you ever found a really great vintage tablecloth, especially one with a great fringe edge? I always snag them when I see them, but they are getting harder and harder to find. I decided that maybe I could make my own.

I searched for "vintage cotton tassel fringe" on Etsy and found about 13 yards of great hot pink fringe. It was exactly what I wanted. I didn't expect to find pink and I was prepared to dye my own. Sometimes I think I get too excited about diys and I am constantly reigning myself back into sanity to save time and effort. Do you ever have that problem? 

Over the years, and many crazy involved projects later, I have learned that simple is better. Why should you have to do it ALL yourself? The best projects are when you start with something really good and add just a pinch to make it even better. Personalized details are everything. When I found this adorbable Kate Spade Charlotte Street tablecloth, I knew it would go perfect with my hot pink fringe.  The vintage fringe was NEW old stock, which means it hasn't been previously enjoyed and makes for better crafting.  You can still find cotton fringe trim at your local fabric store and the easiest one to find is the unbleached cotton version. Other colors are limited but you can always use pom-pom fringe for this diy, too. 

This fringe was also perfect as a garland for the Christmas tree at Cannonborough Collective this past year.  It was a quick and easy way to have a tassel garland without making a bajillion tassels.

Now that I had a cute printed tablecloth and a cute bounty of fringe, I knew I could whip this vintage inspired tablecloth in a jiffy.  Anyone who can sew a straight line can make one of these. It was so easy, I want to fringe all of my tablecloths. Which will completely happen - no surprise to those of you who know me.  In fact, it is taking a big effort on my part to not stop right now and buy more tablecloths and spend the next four hours surfing eBay and Etsy for more fringe. Focus, Jenny, focus.

Why am I obsessed? Because this project is really, really cute and fun and super easy. Super duper easy.

You will need:

cool tablecloth (Kate Spade has the best out there right now)     
thread (I like to match the trim color, so even if your stitch line is wonky, you can't tell. You're welcome.)
sewing machine


step one: wash, dry and iron the table cloth.

step two: pin the fringe around the edge of the tablecloth, trim ends to overlap by about an inch.

step three: using your zigzag stitch, sew down the center of the top of the fringe (the widest part), adhering it to the tablecloth.

step four: once you have made it all the way around, trim the last tassel off the end of the fringe so you have loose ends. Fold the end under itself and sew down. Secure with backstitching*. Since my fringe has a double track, I also tucked and sewed the second smaller track down just where the two ends meet. 

Tips for newbie sewers:  Pull the pins out one by one as you go around the tablecloth, right before sewing. *Backstitching: when starting or ending your stitch, always go in reverse for about 3 stiches to secure the line down.

See, I told you it was easy! Be sure to follow along on my Instagram account @jennybatt to see the bajillion other tablecloths I will be making. I have a yellow pom-pom fringe that is calling out for some Kate Spade lemon prints...everything is better with pom-poms and tassels. 

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