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DIY Gold Party Animal Candles Kit

My favorite DIY of all time? Those little gold party animal cupcake toppers.   The DIY has been around for a while, it was first posted on The Sweetest Occasion back in August 2011. But there is an update, Darby Smart has brought this DIY to life in a kit. Yep, no shopping around for the perfect materials. Click, buy, and a box of all the goodies you need to make the project arrives at your door. Nothing is easier, except maybe the DIY itself. Really. This time an awl is included so those of you who were wary about using the drill, fear no more!


Pop on over to Darby Smart to grab a little box o' party animals for yourself and get a head start on some gifts for the hostess this season.

I couldn't be more blown away with the concept of Darby Smart, craft kits in the mail? Too awesome and too simple. I swear I spend half my life sourcing materials and these kits have it all done for you. Brilliant.

Be sure to check out my friend Brittini's fabulous candle holders too!

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