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DIY Marbled Blue and White Swizzle Sticks

DIY Marbled Blue and White Swizzle Sticks


Bar carts are back in full force and so are bar tools. Be the hostess with the mostess and make sure to deck out your bar cart this holiday season. Drink stirrers and swizzle sticks are a great way to spruce up your bar cart. Now that they are back on trend, look to your favorite boutiques and gift shops for amazing ones (round up of my favorites coming soon!) Don't get me wrong, drink stirrers have come a long way, but sometimes I need a fun and modern swizzle stick that nobody else has. I think to entertain properly, you have to pay attention to the little details to make your party guest feel special. I don't think everything has to be perfect, and you will drive yourself mad trying to make it so, but if you focus on a few tiny details, you get a lot more wow in your party décor. 


Blue and white is a classic and traditional décor style that has stood the test of time and it is coming back in a big way. While I love a good ginger jar, I also love accenting vintage pieces with more modern lines and patterns. Marbling is the perfect answer, and the faux marbling I will show you for these blue and white drink stirrers is so easy even your kids can help you make them. All you need is a tiny paint brush and some blue and white paints. 

YOU WILL NEED: craft paint (two colors of blue and one white), a tiny paintbrush, wood rock candy sticks

diy-marble-swizzle-sticks jennybatt.png

STEP ONE:  Paint the balls of each stick with white paint. Repeat with a second coat when dry.

STEP TWO:  Paint dots and swirls of the light blue (Blue Haven, Americana by DecoArt.) Do not let dry, you want to add the second color while the first color is still wet. Add dots and swirls of the darker blue (Ultra Deep Blue, Americana by DecoArt) letting the lighter blue mix and swirl with it. Think of a marble and the effect you want. Add a few spots of the light blue if needed to finish the pattern. Let dry. Repeat with remaining swizzle sticks. 

HINT:  Use a small glass with rice at the bottom to stick the stirrers in so they stay propped up and don't stick to each other as they dry. 


It takes a little time, with drying and all, but these drink stirrers are so easy to make in front of your favorite tv binge fest. I really love the blue and white version but think about baby showers, birthday parties and tailgating, you can customize these to match anything, just use white and two shades of the same color. 

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