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DIY Modern Graphic Trinket Tray

DIY Modern Graphic Trinket Tray

Every home needs one or two things that add a big bold statement.  This DIY trinket tray was inspired by the gorgeous lamps from Kelly Wearstler. I loved the evenly spaced round balls around the base of her lamp and wanted to add an accent to my own home that would stand out but not be overwhelming. Something that would add just a pop of fun. All it takes is a wood tray and some wood ball knobs (they look like wood beads, but are flat on one side).

I already had an unfinished wood tray, I'm an admitted project hoarder and tend to buy things for no reason at all, and I knew there were wood balls and beads at the craft shop.  Once I figured out the size ball knob I needed, there was no stopping me. Except to decide which color I wanted to make it. 


While it takes at least a day for this DIY tray, because of drying times, the steps are quite simple. Wood glue is the best glue for this because it is really strong. All you are really doing is gluing and painting wood, so there are no special craft skills involved, promise. I hope you will try to make this because the result is really awesome. I'd love to see what you guys come up with to apply this technique to home décor- a stool? a picture frame? a lamp of your own? Oooh- maybe one of those small ikea tables!!!


You will need: 

unfinished wood tray (8"x12"), 18- 1.25" wood ball knobs, sand paper fine grit, wood glue, primer (canned or spray is fine, this is the secret sauce to getting a nice finish on the final coat), and a can of spray paint in high gloss.

Step one:  Sand both the tray and each of the balls. Be sure to get into each of the corners and the inside sides of the tray. Wipe with a dust cloth to remove all the dust residue.  

Step two:  Lay out where you want each of the balls to go around the tray so they are evenly spaced. I chose 5 for each long side and 4 on each of the shorter sides, but this will change if you have different sized trays and balls. Measure the side and divide by number of balls for that side to get a starting distance between them, adjust as needed to make it look balanced to the eye. Once you have finalized the design, mark a tiny x with a pencil in the center of each side where the ball will be. Set the tray on it's side, with the side you are working on up, and start gluing each of the balls down on it's x. Press and hold until secure according to the directions of the wood glue. Finish all the balls on that side and let completely dry before moving on to the other sides. Repeat process on each side. Note: to balance the last two sides on the row of attached balls, you will need to have some stacks of books to keep upright. 

Step 3: Outside on a large piece of cardboard or foam board, prime the tray. I used a brush for this but you can buy spray primer in the spray paint section. Let dry. Spray paint the tray. Let dry, and spray paint for a second coat. Let completely dry and cure. Add clear protective bumps for the bottom, if desired, and enjoy! 

I love how easy it was to make and I can't wait to make more as gifts and in various colors for different seasons. This would be a great addition to any bar cart!

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