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Easy Gold Fan Garland

It's Day 4 of 30 Days of Garland and we are bouncing around all over the place. I thought this would be more interesting than just a bunch of similar garlands right after each other. The element of surprise! Hopefully, this will spark some creativity and you can even start thinking about variations on these garlands that you can use for your next party or wedding. Today's DIY is a variation of what I've been loving on Pinterest. I first saw gold spray paint used a long while back by EverlyLaneDesign on Etsy. I loved it. The idea is brilliant. I wanted to show you a DIY about the process of customizing those standard party wares you can get at your party shop. DIYs should be easy and even a quick spray of color (or gold because everything gets colored in gold here) can help upgrade your party decor.


You will need: paper fan garland, spray paint (my favorite is Rustoleum) 

diy gold garland fans.JPG

Step 1: Lay out paper outside, I used an old and wrinkled sheet of photo backdrop paper.  

diy easy gold fan garland.JPG

Step 2: Lay out the garland, opening the fans and fold back around on itself. Keep open using small paper clips or clothespins.  

gold edge fan garland.JPG

Step 3: Spray in light coats around the edges of the fans. Be sure to hit it coming from both directions so the edges are fully covered.   

diy gold garland .JPG

Step 4: Let dry and defume. Let these guys sit outside for the afternoon.  

What is great is that after they are dry, you can store these flat and folded exactly the same as before painting. They won't take up much space in your party box. Hang and enjoy. Be sure to experiment with different colors too! A light pink fan would look great ombre with a magenta edge. Or gild the edges of a black garland. Use these in mulitples to make one super easy and fancy photobooth backdrop.  

easy gold fan garland.JPG
gold paper fan bunting.JPG
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