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Easy Halloween Costume On Martha Stewart Living

You guys, I just about fell over when I saw it. Sure, I shot the project and sent it to the folks at Martha Stewart, but to see my work in a slideshow was unreal. It's the next best thing to meeting Martha, which is still on my to do list. I've been working hard behind the scenes here for a shoot tomorrow, but I know you'll love to go check out some of my favorite DIY bloggers and their crazy awesome ideas for something quick and easy for Halloween. No craftiness required, you could make any of these and they look like you out in ten times more effort. Simple is chic and these great costumes are adorable. My Halloween costume DIY is how to turn your kid into a walking gallery. I love the thought of doing a whole family costume. Everyone can wear their favorite jeans and still look the part. Easy peasy and no complaints from this finicky 5 year old.

Check out the full lineup of super easy last minute Halloween costumes (and my favorite youngest son) on Martha Stewart (holy cannoli, people) here.  

diy halloween costume painting B.JPG

The coolest part? You can hang the art after Halloween, instant art gallery.  

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