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Easy Halloween Decor: DIY Gold Skull

Folks, this is about as cheap and easy as it gets. You know there isn't anything in the world that couldn't use a little gold spray paint and Halloween is just the same. I found this little plastic skull at Target for $2 and I instantly knew I wanted to paint him. So here it is, the world's easiest Halloween decor DIY, in less than 15 mins you too can have a painted skull (or many).

diy gold skull halloween.JPG

You will need: a plastic skull, gold spray paint (my fave is Rustoleum brand), and a curio box (optional) 

plastic skull from target.JPG

Remove all stickers with Goo Gone or cut all tags. Go outside. Shake your spray paint following the instructions on the can. Place your skull on it's side, paint with one light coat. Let dry. Flip. Paint with another light coat. Let dry. Set skull normally. Paint with one more light coat. Let dry.

gold spray paint skull diy.JPG

Add to curio box. Style box with skull in your home. See I told you it was easy.  

diy gold skull in curio box.JPG

Another trend for Fall? Little brass glass curio boxes. I found this treasure chest shaped one at my local thrift store and low and behold they appeared in practically all of the holiday catalogs. Mine has a bit of tarnish, which adds to the haunting allure. My favorite finds are from a thrift store, there is always one next to the grocery store or you drive by it everyday on your way home from work. Pop in for 5 mins and do a quick scan, you might find a treasure or two!

brass curio glass box.JPG
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