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Easy Halloween Table Setting: Black, White and Orange

Halloween is coming fast and while we do decorate for the occasion, we tend to keep it a little simple. I like to keep the color palette to a simple black and white and one pop of color. I might switch it up and do yellow, or just slime green or in this case the traditional orange. I've mentioned before how important it is to have a set of plain white dishes because they go with everything, and it is so true. These dishes are probably my most used set. Simple. Clean. Versatile. Let's grab those dishes and set the table for a Halloween dinner.

spooky tree place cards diy.JPG

The flowers are white. I know you don't typically think of white flowers for Halloween, but that is what makes it special. I love baby's breath and these I found at my local grocery store were ginormous. Each puff looks like a tiny little garden rose, with tons of miniature petals. I added them, being sure to arrange the edges down to make for a more interesting arrangement. Shape is important when you are creating a single flower arrangement.  The white puffs add a bit of lightness and airiness to the table, perfect for a less spooky effect.

To keep the look a little more modern and non traditional, I added these fantastic striped chargers from Handsome Chargers. Aren't they fantastic? At Handsome Chargers you can get chargers in a variety of patterns and colorways, but my favorites were the black and white stripes. I can use these over and over again to add a fun graphic pop to the table.  I also paired the chargers with a orange and white vintage picnic blanket. It's thick and has texture so it looks nice with the crisp clean lines of the chargers.

Finally, add a pop of gold (don't I always) with vintage flatware and some great spooky tree place card holders. You can find the DIY for the place card holders over on Julep today. They are crazy simple, just some tree place card holders I found in the wedding section of Michaels. Add a bit of black spray paint and call it awesome. I love an easy fold on napkins. One because I was never too good at origami and two, because it looks more welcoming and casual.

easy halloween table setting.JPG
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