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Easy Paper Fan Backdrop

This is a post for one of my favorite gals, Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel. She's having a baby and I couldn't be happier for her. There is a big ole online baby shower for this amazing lady and I am so happy to join in on the festivities! Check below the DIY for more fabulous bloggers with baby goodies galore! Today I will be sharing an easy idea that you can use at your next baby shower or even to dress up a baby's nursery. A simple paper fan backdrop is a great way to dress up that plain old table. Prop presents, dessert or appetizers up on the table and a monochromatic backdrop will add a little punch to the party without taking center stage.

paper fan backdrop.jpg

You could use regular paper fans, for example I have done it before here, but I wanted to make this BIG. I decided to use half sized paper fans, like from this paper fan garland. I cut the garland apart and pinned them up with push pins. If you were doing this for a nursery, I would hang them up permanently with nails.

diy paper fan backdrop.JPG
diy paper fan backdrop baby shower.JPG
diy paper fan dessert table decor.JPG

The key to getting the right effect is to layer from the bottom up. Be sure to hang each fan just low enough to hid the push pinned edges and the top seam, but high enough that the fans will lay mostly flat. It looks pretties when at least half of the fan is showing. Feel free to alternate directions and angles. Keep adding fans all the way up to the ceiling.  

I want to wish Lexy the very best! Check out the rest of our online baby shower here:

A big THANK YOU to Kelly and Brittni for organizing! Now let's get this party started!  


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