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Easy Readability and Cool New Font: Niveau Grotesk

Happy Font Friday folks! Sometimes we want a great font for headlines or that looks good in all caps and sometimes we need a font for our copy and body text, rarely do we find a great well rounded font that can work double duty. Niveau Grotesk is that font you can use anywhere. It is easily readable at both large and small sizes so you can use it wherever or all over your design or blog. I am not a graphic designer, so I love when I can make my designs and projects cohesive. An all encompasing font like Niveau Grotesk takes the work out for me and let's me focus on making a great design with a single clean font. Of course it comes in different weights so you can mix and match with italics and bold versions, but still keeping the design streamlined.

Niveau Grotesk.jpg

psst...see that great 'N'? I love the little notch. What really sold me on this font is how it looks in all caps. I'm obsessed with all caps lately and just love nice balanced spacing and round letter forms.  

niveau grotesk 3.jpg

Clean, clear and easy to read. A perfect addition to your font stash. Do you like it? What kind of fonts are you looking for?

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