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Five Great Kid Fonts

Fonts for kids are inherently bad. I can't be the only parent that cringes when she gets a document home from the teacher in Comic Sans, really? First, I am the parent, why does my font need to be for a child? Second, really, out of all the fonts this is the one you chose. At least they didn't use Curly, right? Font snobs unite and let's start using and recommending great fonts for kids.  


Great design in kid's products has gone leaps and bounds, even just from when I first had Henry. There is no reason things for children can't be held to the same standards we have for everything else and be beautiful. It's the simple details that make a difference. Another great font to use is BEBAS NEUE. You might have noticed I use it on practically everything for my boys. Pop that font in outline and you have a great coloring workbook.

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