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Cool Fonts in Video

I thought we'd switch it up here a bit for Font Friday. Fonts are used everywhere, right? Even in those crazy lyric videos on You Tube. You know the ones I'm talking about. Ahhhh, I'm cringing, but, I found a good one. No, really. Maybe it is the harpsichord that makes it feel a little cooler or the black and white film of NYC. I found it on accident and was just searching for this song. Vampire Weekend's Step Official Lyric Video. Who knew bands did their own lyric videos? I just like how visually the words pop on the screen as they come up in the song. It's modern and a fun way to start a fall Friday, plus I kind of love the main font, don't you agree?   Anyone know what it is?

The whole video feels like those quotes you see on Pinterest but alive. It's on repeat this morning, even though I might technically be too old to be a hipster. We've been doing Font Fridays as long as I can remember. Don't forget to check out the archives!

Super Swoon // Design Editor 

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