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Get Ready For Fall Entertaining With FLOR

Do you love pattern as much as I do? You heard me rave about my new rug from FLOR last month, and my countless images of it's awesomeness, but did you know they have a variety of cool options that just came out? They have new patterns and new designs and the best part of all, you can always use FLOR's Possibility Studio, with one on one design help and create the rug of your dreams. Fall entertaining is just around the corner and I always do a round of fall? cleaning. A little sprucing, a little reorganizing and a lot of decorating.

It's important to seasonally change, at least a few things, when the weather changes. I am a big believer that your house should not be exactly the same for Thanksgiving as it was on Memorial Day. Where is the fun in that? Besides, a key to being an amazing hostess, add a little bit of wow factor, even when guests just "stop by". How do I do that? I keep my big things like furniture neutral and switch out the easy stuff. I rearrange the furniture inside to accommodate more visitors. Since the weather will be turning, I always want them to be comfortable, since pushing everyone outside is going to be less of an option. Trading out a summer rug for a lush one and adding a throw (or 3) instantly makes the house feel like fall, and is perfect for rainy day movie afternoons.


Just because you like neutrals, doesn't mean you have to give up pattern. The subtle change in texture makes the pattern pop and adds to the glamorous feel of the room.

Jazz up your entry way with a variety of shapes. The first thing guests notice is your foyer, make it interesting and welcoming. Add a fun mirror, interesting curios and a great two toned rug. Varying the shapes and sizes makes it super easy to fit your space, especially if you have a room in a unique shape. Go with it, accent it, own it.  


Change up the look of your room from summer by adding a new coffee table, throw pillows or rug . I also like to switch out my artwork. I trade bright and colorful fun prints, with softer and deeper prints. Darker colors and autumnal hues, either used a lot or a little do for fall entertaining what white and bright do for summer. Color changes the feel of the room. We want cozy and warm. Choosing a textured rug helps keep it cozy, but still bright. The mix of patterns in the rug keeps it interesting. Switching out a rug is so much easier than changing something larger like a sofa or painting a room to redecorate. Try a rug first, it changes the whole look of a room. Always keep in mind your holiday palettes. Choose a color that will accent and elevate your decor and not compete with it. Even if it is a bit too early to put out the decorations, keep it always in the back of your mind...what would this look like when at the Halloween party? Or when the tree is up?


Decorating for Fall is one of my biggest joys. I'm a November baby after all. FLOR rugs are easy to change and clean, perfect for guests, but even more wonderful is the range of luxe looks they have, perfect for achieving that warm, sip cider by the fireplace afternoon. Fall entertaining is here, let the prep work begin!

This post is a sponsored post by FLOR. All opinions are my own.  

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