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I know on Font Friday, I have 90%  awesome san serif fonts. I am clearly biased and honestly, I am ok with that. I think they look clean and fresh. If I adore a font but a serif makes one, or heaven forbid, two letters weird, I won't use it. It's not that I do it on purpose, it's just if I throw in the weird letter like 'r' and it stands out, well, I put the kabash on it immediately and switch to my classics. I am a font snob, and by no means an expert on these things, one of my downfalls is my ability to obsess over finding the "perfect" one. It doesn't matter if it is a color of tissue paper, a type of scissor or a font. So I am officially declaring myself partial to san serifs. Oh well. Meet Prohibition, a great new san serif font from Mattox Shuler, who brought you Gin and Bourbon. All the awesome of those two lovelies without the serif. Hello awesome.

prohibition 2.png
prohibition 3.png

Prohibition is a great font with 4 styles and alternates, look at that A. That's A for AWESOME. The S is pretty sweet too. Oh come on, I couldn't let it go by.  This font was released two weeks ago and is on sale for 50% off. A great new font for under $20, now that is awesome.

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