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Great New Handwritten Layer Font: Festivo Letters

Hello Festivo Letters! You guys are going to love this font. First, it is on sale for $19, for 19 versions. That's a buck a version! Also, Festivo Letters, by Ahmet Altun, is another one of my favorite kind of fonts, a cheater font. What is a cheater font? Well, if you are a graphic designer, you know how to make existing fonts all kids of awesome, but that takes time. A cheater font is one that has the work already done for you and you can just place it where you need with no artistic changes. I know my way enough around Illustrator to be dangerous, but I don't have the skill set to do font work quickly. These cheater fonts are instant gratification; all the joy, none of the work. And at this price point, totally worth the investment.


The letters are a great balance between clean and scribbly. I don't like handwritten fonts that are too messy, this is just messy enough. I really love the crisscross design of the T, don't you? 


How fun right? Perfect for a project or a fun printable for back to school?  Love.  

Don't forget to check out my font friends, I have found the best fonts working with these gals over the years.  

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