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Great Summer Ideas and Sites for Kids

YAY! I declare this week Kids Week!  It's the middle of July and you just realized that having ALL the kids home has been wonderful and fun, yet it has wrecked havoc on your schedule. Need some great ideas for activities to do with the littles? Are they staring blankly at you and that set of watercolors you keep pulling out? I will admit it, I'm picky when it comes to crafting with the kids, so I have rounded up some of my favorite sites for great modern crafts that you will enjoy as much as the short people.  


So here it is, my top secret list of the websites and pockets of awesome where I find inspiration and activities to fight boredom and general summer blahs. Fun can be found all over and I hope this helps you if you are having one of those days!

Create a summer bucket list with The Happy Family Movement.  

Sign up to have a box of crafts sent to your door. Save the day or save for a rainy day with Kiwi Crate.  

Tiny people get bored too. Check out these itty bitty activities from Hellobee. (psst. some of mine are in there too!) 

I'm obsessed with all the great finds and ideas from lmnop. 

Fun activities and online classes you can take with your child from Playful Learning. 

This magnificent momma makes crafts I want to make myself at Mermag.

Fun pops of color are key to a great kid craft and Moonfrye is my newest obsession.  

A gorgeous modern mom and minipeople blog with big impact, if you aren't reading Smallfry already, you better hop to it.  

Back to the basics and I wish I was Classic Play's neighbor.  

Best brand blog ever. I love Land of Nod and their playful voice rings through out their blog, which is in my reader.

I hope this gets you started. What are your favorite sites to get inspiration for your kids?

Stay tuned for more goodness and a crazy awesome giveaway coming up tomorrow! 

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