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Host a Book Donation Party

I'll be the first to admit, kid parties have gone wild. Kids love parties but it is also an opportunity to teach our children about giving. Milk + Bookies is a wonderful non-profit organization that helps get books into the hands of children that don't have any. Kids without books, doesn't that just break your heart?  Founded in 2004 by Meredith Alexander, when she threw the very first Milk + Bookies party. IT was a simple party at a local bookstore where kids picked out a bedtime story to give to children that didn't have any and magic happened. Since then, they have raised over 47,000 books and inspired over 11,000 young “future philanthropists”. Milk + Bookies has figured out and fine tuned the mystery behind how to have a book donation party and they want to show you how. It's as simple as ordering a kit, complete with with well-designed stickers, bookmarks and balloons. You have everything you need for your child (or school or library) to host your very own book-raising party.

A book-raising party is a great way to bring books to your LOCAL community. Kids love to share and this hits home for them, kids without books? How is that possible? They are the biggest little advocates to help make the world a better place and they will have fun doing it. Also, if the next birthday has you cringing about more toys...this is the perfect solution. Besides, they even have garland to print out. The decorating is practically done for you! 

So the question is, when are you planning to host a Milk + Bookies party?  

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