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Host a Holiday Project Party with Martha Stewart

Tis the season for holiday parties, why not do something fun and a little different this year? Why not throw a craft party? More and more people are learning how to DIY and you can teach your friends a simple project while snagging a few moments to reconnect during the busiest time of the year with friends and family. How exactly do you throw a project party? This season start a tradition with a casual open house, one afternoon on a weekend where friends can swing by unannounced and say hello, eat a few tasty morsels, and craft up a quick holiday decoration. What better (and more relaxed) way to celebrate the season?  What is the project? Create a super easy outdoor Illuminated Star; all you need is a few wood dowels, zip ties and Martha Stewart Living lights from Home Depot.

martha stewart craft bar cart-001.jpg

The key to hosting a successful craft party is to have everything your guests will need at the ready. I swapped out my extra club sodas and bar ware to create a craft supply station on the bottom of my bar cart. I added a little black ribbon and tied what each guest would need to create a full project. It not only makes it prettier to look at but it makes it so much easier to grab to create the star.

holiday bar cart-001.jpg

For the top of the bar cart, add a few bottles of your friends' favorites, a festive bouquet, made cheap with trimmings off the front tree, and a collection of napkins and plates. For every party, always have a little bubbly and a signature cocktail for guests to try. This Apple Brandy and Cider is the perfect fall drink to add to the mix.   

project holiday party place setting-001.JPG

Keep your food bite sized and easy to snack on like this delicious Baked Brie with Pecans served with sliced baguette. The key to easy entertaining is to make one dish and buy the rest. Now is the time to use that bakery down the road and those favorite chocolate covered pretzels of yours. Add bits of veggies or fruit to keep the fare light. Refreshments are a must for crafting, a few bites before swapping out the treats for supplies makes for more relaxed guests.

project holiday party treats-001.JPG

For an updated holiday palette, I added a pop of black. It pairs well with gold and tones down the holiday plaid so it feels a little more chic. I also added a sheepskin to the bottom of the bar cart to give more of a winter wonderland vibe. I mixed in some solid deep orange napkins to add more color that is slightly off the standard red and green. Have fun with the decor, try new things, and add items that aren't holiday-ish to have a more inviting feel to your get-together.

Let's make an Illuminated Star, shall we? You will need: Martha Stewart Living lights, 5 wood dowels and a package of zip ties.  

martha stewart craft cart-001.jpg

Step 1: Take your dowels and lay out your star pattern.

step 1-001.jpg

Step 2: Secure each inside and outside point with zip ties. Trim off the excess.  

step 2-001.jpg
step 2b-001.jpg

Step 3: Secure the plug end of the string lights to the point of the star with a zip tie. Continue laying the lights around each side of the star, securing each end with a zip tie as you go. Trim the zip tie ends. 

step 3-001.jpg

Step 4: Plug in and enjoy.  Holiday parties are easy, and holiday craft parties are even easier. Create a casual open house and have your guests leave with one to do checked off their list. Let the holidays begin!

step 4-001.jpg

All of the product featured in this post was provided by the Martha Stewart Living team to celebrate the 'Tis the Season of Doing holiday campaign going on now at The Home Depot. While this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.  

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