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How to Make a Confetti Picnic Blanket

Hi folks! It's been a crazy few last days around here, with school out now and everyone trying to get back on schedule. Ok, the kids are fine,  it's me that is trying to rework my schedule!  I showed you a DIY a few weeks ago with this amazing iron-on flocking from Silhouette, and now I'm back to show you what else you can do with it. I love my Silhouette Portrait because I can have any shape I like cut out, like giant confetti, from any material like flocking. I am not skilled at cutting circles, but this machine is easy to have cut them out for me. I ordered a bunch of flocking in a variety of colors when it was on super sale, buy one get one free.

All I did was iron the giant flocked confetti dots onto a drop cloth from Home Depot. Boom. Confetti picnic blanket aka confetti tablecloth. It couldn't be easier or cooler, i mean who doesn't love little fuzzy polka dots? This is a variation of the confetti tablecloth I did for Oh Happy Day way back, but even easier and way less messy.  Get this, no sew, no painting, nothing but you and the iron. A project that you can even do a little now and finish later on. We all know those are the best kinds of projects!

diy polka dot picnic blanket3.JPG

You will need: 

rolls of heat transfer flocking (in various colors)


Silhouette Portrait (or just be great at cutting circles) 

drop cloth (I got this one

Step 1: Wash and dry your drop cloth. Use your Silhouette Portrait to cut out circles. Remember for rolls to set the length of your design area to be longer than the cutting mat. Make a 3" circle and duplicate until you have 14 circles. Space each circle apart on the template, see how I didn't with the first sheet in green? Adding a bit of space between the circles makes it easier to cut apart later.

Step 2: Cut apart the circles. No need to be perfect, you are just cutting the clear sheet so you can place the confetti around the drop cloth.  

Step 3: Set your iron to the hottest setting for cotton and make sure it is set to your "dry" setting. This means there is no water in the iron and you have changed the settings so no steam happens. Once hot, place a dot, clear plastic side up, and cover with a piece of thin cotton, like a linen or muslin scrap or a flour towel. Press down hard with the iron and hold for about 60 seconds over the dot.  You can check to see if you can peel off the plastic, leaving your perfect flocked dot adhered to the drop cloth. See a bit of peeling, just repeat with iron, pressing hard until it sets. Have a tiny corner come up accidentally, quickly press it down smooth with your finger. It should set. Careful, this stuff is HOT!

Hint: I set one side of the drop cloth flat and laid out a few dots to decide my placement first. Then I ironed them on one at a time. I have a small ironing board, but I was able to work most of one side before rotating the drop cloth on the board.  

diy flocked confetti picnic blanket or tablecloth .JPG

What's super awesome? Even though this is a drop cloth, when you wash it, the cloth becomes super soft and has a great thick linen look to it. You can even use it as a tablecloth. Need a real tablecloth? Grab any tablecloth and follow the same instructions. How fun would dots be on top of a great vintage patterned tablecloth? Very cool.  Have fun and I'd love to see if you make it! Tag me on Instagram @hankandhunt #imadeit

diy confetti tablecloth or picnic blanket.JPG
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