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How to Make A Giant Cross Stitch Birthday Number

How to Make A Giant Cross Stitch Birthday Number

It's been birthday crazy this past week, my oldest just turned 8. I believe in birthdays on your birthday, no exceptions. I just feel that your birthday should feel like it, regardless of when your "big" party is. In fact, I have to force myself to accept that I can't have all the little kiddies over on the actual day. The big party was this weekend and I forgot how loud lots of 7 and 8 year olds can be, inside, because it is raining (big surprise). Of course, we sent them outside for a bit anyways, it is Seattle and we are all kind of used to it. True Seattleittes don't use umbrellas, right? But the real birthday was during the week and since it was just family, I wanted something special. A giant cross stitch number perhaps? I had a pegboard sitting around, and had the idea to create a huge number on it. I bribed Hunter to jump in the car and ran to the craft store to grab yarn. Guess who I ran into? Alexandra, who was out and about grabbing craft goodies, too. I always seem to run into people when I am so focused on a project that it's like the heavens telling me to chill out and remember to have some fun. So after a quick chat and a speed shopping adventure like no other, we returned home ready to make a giant cross stitch number. Here's how I did it.


I used a pegboard, yarn, a large yarn needle and washi tape.

tape outline cross stitch number.JPG

I used the washi tape to mark out the outline of my number. I counted the holes on the pegboard to center the number. I also counted the holes to make sure that the top of my eight was the same size as the bottom of my eight.

diy giant crossstitch art front .JPG

Then I threaded a 3-4 foot piece of yarn on the needle and pulled through the first hole from the back side. I taped the end on the back with tape.

diy giant crossstitch art back.JPG

I cross stitched a band 2 X's wide all around the number. As each piece of yarn came to an end, I taped down the end on the back and started a new thread. I was consistent with my X's, so the bottom cross of the X was always in the same direction and the top cross was in the opposite direction.

diy giant crosstitch number art.JPG

This made my X's look consistent but also shows how I can be completely OCD, so feel free to cross stitch freely and without abandon.  Btw, from 2 feet away, you can't tell (insert me shaking fists at myself).

All in all, I speeded through this little DIY and hung it on the wall with plenty of time to spare. I thought I would share a peek at our little day-of party.

diy cross stich birthday number.JPG

It's fun and easy and now I need more pegboards to make some words. How fun could this be as giant letters above the couch?

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