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How to Make a Paper Chain Garland

The first in our 30 Days of Garland is one of the easiest garlands to make. Enter the classic paper chain garland. A standard from elementary school and made from paper strips linked together, this garland seems almost too simple to use. I disagree. I think changing the size, choosing amazing colors and using a wavy rotary cutter can make this fresh and fun again.  Let's learn how to make a simple chain garland.   

land of nod uv 6.JPG

You will need:  

rotary cutter

ruler or straight edge

cutting mat

card stock (12x12 is more bank for you buck) 


Glue Dots

paper chain link garland 1.JPG

Step 1: Place paper down on you cutting mat. Using your rotary cutter and straight edge, cut the paper into inch wide strips. Use a pinking blade in your rotary cutter to get a fun wavy edge. If you are only making a small or making only a few garlands, feel free to use scissors or a paper cutter. For large volumes, I highly recommend using a rotary cutter because it makes it easy to whiz through a bunch of strips in a very short amount of time. 

paper chain link garland 2.JPG

Step 2: If using 12x12 card stock, cut 1" off the end of your strips with scissors. If you are just using letter sized card stock, ignore this step. Bonus: your scraps make great confetti. Woo hoo!


Step 3: Take your Glue Dot and place a dot on the end of a strip. Curl around and make a circle. Press closed. 

paper chain link garland 4.JPG

Step 4: Add a Glue Dot to the next strip and run the strip through the first circle. Form it into a circle and press to secure. You just made your first link.  

paper chain link garland 5.JPG

Step 5: Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

This garland is so easy a child could make it, in fact, it was a great event last week at Land of Nod.  If you have little ones, they love these and will happily be part of your party decor crew. They will be easy to bribe with a cupcake and you guys can knock out a ton of garlands. I really love large amounts of chain garlands and wouldn't these make a cool wedding backdrop? 
paper chain garland.JPG
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