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How to Make Giant Bunting

I love to go big with my party decor. Not only does it give a big impact and say WOW, it makes it so much easier to cover large areas. Win-win, right? You don't have to recreate the wheel every single time you throw a party. Use your basic skills to make a killer alternative of it. Let's take simple bunting. You cut pennant shapes and string them up. How easy is that? For Julep this week, I created a GIANT version. Yep. These bad boys are huge. I made each pennant from a sheet of card stock. With the wide variety of colors you can choose from now, all different shades of the rainbow, you can customize this any way you choose.

diy giant bunting.JPG
easy paper party bunting large.JPG

Garland can look a bit lonely, so you need to make multiples. Luckily, this giant version, with just 28 pieces total for this shoot, makes a big impact with very little time spent on actually crafting it. Because we all want to party, but we don't want to spend forever setting up, right guys? Check out the full DIY over on Julep.  

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