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How to Make Giant Crepe Paper Streamers

Happy Monday! We're you wondering, hey she didn't post on Saturday, did she quit her 30 Days of Garland adventure already? Heck no! I just decided to take the weekends off. I personally don't read blogs on the weekends so I debated whether or not I should post on them too. What's the fun of being your own boss if you can't take weekends off? We'll still have 30 days, but it will be 30 business days. Same concept, more family friendly to casa H+H.  I hope you don't mind, it is the last few weeks of summer after all.  So for Day 6, of 30 Days of Garland, we have a giant watermark crepe paper garland. Did you know crepe paper bleeds. I noticed that I had some left over in my trunk and rain accidentally dropped on it. I left it and when it dried it left a gorgeous watermark. I had to make garland out of it, of course. You could use this technique to any crepe paper you want to use for decorations. Just be sure to experiment outside, the dye has to go somewhere and it would be a shame to get it on anything!


You will need: a backyard of grass (or a tarp for inside - not recommended), crepe paper folds and water.  

watermark crepe paper streamers.JPG

Step 1: Cut the crepe paper fold into 6 inch wide strips.  

Step 2: Unfold strips on outside on grass.  

Step 3: Dip your fingers in the water and sprinkle all over on crepe paper strips.

Step 4: Let dry.  

Step 5: Using your hands, smooth out any major wrinkles by smoothing lengthwise on a tabletop. Otherwise, leave the crinkles and enjoy.   

watermark crepe paper giant streamers.JPG

Hang these up at your next backyard fete or party and I guarantee you'll get asked where you got them. My favorite color was this green, it looks like malachite and is perfect for the Pantone color of the year. Each strip of garland is only about 8 feet wide, so tape more than one length together to get this to cross larger areas.

giant crepe paper garland streamers.JPG

For the next 30 days, I will be sharing a garland DIY every day. Be sure to follow along!

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