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HP, Fringe and Cocktails with Alexandra Hedin

HP, Fringe and Cocktails with Alexandra Hedin

People ask me all the time where do I get my inspiration for party decorations. How do I start? I get the best inspiration from some of my talented friends.  HP asked if I wanted to test drive the new HP ENVY x2 and show you how. For the past six seasons, HP has been partnered with the Project Runway designers to demonstrate the role of tech in fashion and the creative arts. This past season the designers were paired with young innovators from Next Generation Achievers to draw inspiration for creative ideas and then used HP’s innovative, hybrid technologies to create their own original textile designs. I wanted to take a cocktail and turn it into party decor. For inspiration I turned to my friend Alexandra Hedin, a local entertaining expert here in Seattle, who knows cocktails for anything. I adore her and who better than the gal who has Charm Hour, every day at 5pm. A libation to relax and unwind at the end of the day? I wish she was my neighbor.

cocktails hp envy x2 and holiday parties.JPG

When I asked Alexandra if she would create a cocktail for me to draw inspiration from, she immediately said yes (because she is so amazing). This girl always blows my mind, her entertaining style is chic, timeless and effortless. She even has custom napkins for her test kitchen, which is in a revamped firehouse. Every detail is covered and perfected, it is really an art and she is a master. We started pinning away on a shared board on Pinterest. Once I got a feel for her cocktail design, I could start pinning color and style ideas.

custom napkins alexandra hedin.JPG

Using the HP ENVY x2, it was really easy to pin my ideas because it has a touch screen. Now that Pinterest has a super simple pinning feature where you can just touch the image you want to repin, a touch screen tablet is a must. I'm one of those people, probably the only one, who has the hardest time working on laptops. The laptop track pad/mouse thing drives me crazy on all makes and models, I am just not very coordinated. But with the ENVY x2, I can use the touch screen whenever and however I need to by simply touching where I want to type, click, whatever. It's brilliant and I love it.

HP Envy x2 alexandra hedin and jenny batt.JPG

When she sent over her recipe, it just clicked. Cran-Orange Punch,  a yummy blend  of pomegranate and cranberries with Aperol, a yummy Italian aperitif. Classic, easy, and a twist, it was like a fringe garland in a glass. So that's what I set out to create. A fun classic fringe garland, but with a twist.

cran-orange punch alexandra hedin.JPG

The cocktail was a gorgeous shade of pink and red, from the cranberries, so I wanted to create that with the garland. I did it by inserting two sheets of hot pink tissue in between two sets of 4 sheets of red. Fold the layers of tissue paper in half not length wise, but width wise to make it longer than the traditional fringe. Sew across the folded edge, connecting sets of tissue as you go. Once you are all sewn together, cut the fringe with a rotary cutter and a cutting mat. This lets you use a straight edge, do get evenly spaced fringe. Also, a rotary cutter is the key to not having your hand cramp from cutting oodles of fringe. Fluff, hang and voila!  What better way to accent around your party than to line every edge with fringe?  No better way, I say, no better way.

fringe table liner.JPG

What inspires you? Do you blog, cook, throw parties, or paint? What do you create and where do you get your inspiration from? The coolest thing about the HP Envy x2 is that it is so light and small you can take it anywhere. Need a tablet? With the press of one button you can have one. Perfect for fine tuning those cocktail recipes.

hp envy x2 cocktails and fringe party.JPG

Want to see for yourself? HP wants to give you an ENVY x2 of your very own! Yep, you can enter to win one amazing laptop, who moonlights as a tablet, right here, right now!  All you need to do to enter is leave a comment here telling me what inspires you do do what you do? Want a second chance to win? Tweet about this contest, easy right? You can tweet and get an entry once a day! Yep, that's more than a second chance, it's like a third, fourth chance! Contest runs through Midnight next Tuesday, November 26th. Winner will be announced Wednesday on this post. Good luck!

This is a sponsored post; I was given an HP Envy x2 by HP to review and create this post. All opinions are my own.

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