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Last Week of Summer and Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

Hi folks, I went on vacation last week and it's been a bit quiet around the web for me. I can't bring myself to be away from the boys for more than a few minutes these last few days of summer. Hunter starts next week too, so I am a bit teary eyed that my baby is so big. I love you all and will be back with awesomeness (as always) bright and early Tuesday. For this week, I thought we'd do something a bit different. I want to see if you had any questions for me? Are you planning a party and need some inspiration or a DIY to try? Does a certain DIY got you confused and you need help? Are you dying to know a secret source of mine? I try to share all my secrets, but this is your chance to ask and get a shortcut. So fire away in the comments and I will answer you right here. I want to make sure I can bring you all the party awesomeness you deserve! xo

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Party Supplies: Summer Isn't Over Yet

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