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Make Your Own Crepe Paper Streamers

Crepe paper streamers are classic, but do you know how to hang them properly? You need to make sure you use enough tension and twist to really get them to shine. I recommend both tape and push pins to hang, the tape is a backup and keeps the taut streamer from launching a push pin at your guests. Trust me. My favorite way to hang crepe paper streamers is to layer two different colors. This color change makes the twists really pop and adds a smidge of weight to the streamer so it doesn't seem too flimsy, which is better for twisting. Just like with all other classic garlands, if it is really simple in design, make a ton of them for more impact. Nothing is as sad as one little streamer by his lonesome. If you are tired of the regular streamers, remember that you can make your own from crepe paper folds. I made a watermarked and giant version yesterday and today's DIY is just a typical sized streamer but with a pinked edge. Cut them in the same width as store bought versions and have those guest wondering where you scored such a find.


You will need: crepe paper folds, a rotary cutter with a pinking cutting blade, ruler and a cutting mat

Step 1: Lay your crepe paper on the cutting mat, lengthwise (folded edges top and bottom) and cut with a rotary cutter into strips about 1.5" wide. Continue to make as many strips as you need. Switch colors and repeat to make the same amount of strips.

Step 2: Layer the ends, one strip of each color, on top of each other. Fold over twice and tape. Hang and party on.

diy crepe paper streamers.JPG
diy double colored streamer technique.JPG

Yes, these first few garlands in the 30 Days of Garland are super simple. But I'm here to tell you, there isn't anything complicated to making your own party decorations. It's simple. Really. With a few different materials and maybe swapping for the pinked edge blade instead, you can give a classic party staple a little spunk. Be sure to follow along the full 30 Days of Garland and join in the fun!

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