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A New Blogging Workspace

Okay, so I don't go out to an office but I have finally redecorated my workspace, and it feels like a new place. I've been trying to get more organized as a blogger. I'm doing the usual things like wrangling an out of control inbox, setting up an editorial calendar and evaluating my workflow. But it was time to look over my work space. I have been working from home in a small nook next to my dining room. I think the entire room is probably supposed to be used as a dining room, but we thought it was a great space for our computer. Since I shoot almost all of my photos in front of the dining room window, this spot became where I did most of my work.  Martha Stewart has a new line of furniture at Staples and it was perfect for my space. The Andersen line of office furniture is a gorgeous walnut color and the traditional styling of this office furniture by Martha Stewart for Staples.  I love a contrast against white and it is just dark enough to make color pop. I'm very eclectic and mixing these pieces really accents well with my more modern and even my vintage finds. My lion lamp is perfect, and now I even have some space to have him on the desk without using prime real estate.

hankandhunt workspace blogger martha stewart andersen.JPG

I store my craft supplies in the spare bedroom. This lets me only bring out what I need for a particular project. The surface area I have to work with has tripled with the Andersen desk and file cabinet. What is even more amazing is that now, with abundant storage, I am able to file away the clutter that would get piled on my teensy little desk. Samples, business cards packing slips, all are neatly organized and stored away. I even have files for brands and projects, no more giant pile of to dos. The desk even has file storage too so I can keep my most used files, like Alt for Everyone, right within arms length. I love that there are 2 drawers in addition to the file drawer. I keep pens and the like in one and leave the second one open to hide my notes and idea journals. Its great because I can just grab what I was working on that day and pop it into the drawer for tomorrow. Instant beautiful desk, perfect for when company is coming.

hankandhunt inspiration board.JPG

With a dual purpose space like mine, it is important to keep it pretty and not to let it look chaotic- no matter how messy I really am when I am in the thick of it.  The main file cabinet is great because I can keep my camera and extra stationery in the top drawer, but still have extra space for my files. I used to keep them stacked away in the closet in a big cardboard box. Using a file cabinet is so much easier and prettier. Also it gives me more closet space for props, yay! 

martha stewart andersen file cabinet.JPG
hankandhunt andersen desk.JPG
martha stewwart andersen collection.JPG

Now that all my files are safe and sound (and organized), I have tons of surface to style. I like to organize standard office supplies in vintage serve ware and containers. I use them to add a pop of color or swank it up a bit. I'm in a house full of boys, a touch of feminine charm goes a long way to retaining my sanity. I also love flowers and greenery. This is my favorite trick and works anywhere in your home or even at parties; if there is any space that just feels like it is missing something, just add an arrangement. It instantly fills the space and makes it feel amazing. Having a space like this makes me feel calmer on those crazy shoot days when chaos is just on the other side of the room.

If you've been thinking about redecorating and organizing your workspace, the Andersen line of office furniture is a great looking suite with tons of storage at a super reasonable price.

This post was sponsored by Martha Stewart for Staples. I was given furniture to review, but all opinions are my own.  

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