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Our Modern Holiday Gift Wrap is Here!

Our Modern Holiday Gift Wrap is Here!


I wasn’t going to release this until after Thanksgiving, but I just love this new holiday wrapping paper collection so much that I cannot wait another second. I am always on the hunt for great wrapping paper and I finally decided to make what I couldn’t find. Pinks and bright colors? Check. Fun modern patterns? Check. Coordinates pretty wonderfully with other wrapping papers out there. Check. I am a mix and matcher when it comes to wrapping paper under the tree, so I have color coordinated ALL of my designs. Shop all of these designs HERE.

Matisse Trees are a welcome addition to all modern wrapping paper. I added a hefty pop of pink and some bright (less mistletoe-ish) colors like yellow and blue. The result is a fun collection of cutout patterned trees that were inspired by Matisse.

palm beach stripe christmas gift wrap by jenny batt

Palm Beach Stripe is a heartfelt love letter to cabana stripes at Christmas time. For those of us with more palm trees than snowflakes and who will always take a glass of bubbly while lounging on perfectly bold stripes in the sunshine. Coastal holiday décor gets a fresh pop of color and chinoiserie lovers squeal in delight. Dorothy Draper would approve.


NO PEEKING. NO really. This hand lettered print is a fun reminder to the little (or big in some cases) who like to sneak a peek. Bright red letters on pink or a softer green with white letters.

The best part? I have a flat shipping fee on all of my orders. So order one sheet or one of everything and only pay one low shipping price. We’ll get it packed up and on its way via Priority Mail.

If you are looking for the Charleston Doors or Bamboo print designs, please head over to my shop to purchase.

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