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Party Animals: DIY Gold Animal Straws

Party Animals: DIY Gold Animal Straws

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Tiny little gold animals aren't going anywhere soon. I can't help but smile when I find these little animals around the house, especially when I find one who is gold with no hole. That means a little person snatched them up. There were first those original party animals, with a birthday candle that I made way back and then there were the gold animal place card holders, the bunnies and the turkeys, and then those mini versions I made for Alt last year. It seems only fitting that I add another option to the little gold animals for parties. The gold animal party straw toppers are really simple and once you make them, you can use them over and over again. Just swap out the straws for whatever party you are throwing and make some merriment.

gold animal straw toppers.JPG
drill hole animal straw topper.JPG

You know the drill. (ha, get it?) Hold the animal with pliers and drill a straw sized hole. If you have a woodworker or metal worker in the family with a drill press, have them knock out the whole bag o' animals in no time. Spray paint the little heartless creatures gold.  Let dry and pop on a straw. Boom.

gold party animal straws.JPG

The perfect gift for a hostess or a fun stocking stuffer for any age, just add a small assortment of straws to make a full set. Which animal is your favorite? It's Christmas time, my favorite time of year, so I wanted to give one lucky winner a set of 6 little animal straw toppers! It is just a quick and easy giveaway, for a little party fun. The giveaway ends at midnight on 12/5, so hustle! I will announce a winner right here on Friday.

gold party animal straw toppers.JPG
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