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Party Bomb with Party in A Box

 As I was browsing the West Elm site today, looking for a few new additions I will add to my styled table at my workshop next week, I found this PARTY IN A BOX. Now this is a full party box, it even has a tray, a shaker and coupes! OMG! I am freaking out. How amazing is this to give? I vote someone buys this, grabs a bottle of champagne and knocks on a soon to be very surprised friend's door. Insta-party. It's like a party bomb. Hang some decor pop open a bottle and party. How amazing would that be? Fun in a box. of course this would be perfect addition to add for a Friendsgiving party, Thanksgiving even (my kind of Thanksgiving!) or for your Holiday party.

West Elm party in a box.jpg

I'm counting down the days until I host an event at West Elm next week! I am equal parts nervous and crazy excited. I will be making the world's easiest napkin rings and be sharing the secrets to styling a holiday table. How fun is that? Now this is a DIY workshop, you will get to make napkins rings! Plus you get to party with me! Ask any questions you like and get my tips and tricks to entertaining easily during the holidays.

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