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Red, White and Blue Fourth of July Cupcakes

I love the Fourth of July; the sparkle of fireworks and the red, white and blue. There's something that just feels so summery and free about those colors. I'm planning a backyard BBQ and conjured up these little cupcakes as one of my desserts. Nothing is new about making red, white and blue cake, but how simple these are thanks to Batter Babies? Well, that's new. I found them at one of my favorite local cake shops and it was actually Henry's idea to make the cupcakes red, white and blue. Yep, we're a little crazy about parties here at casa H+H, all of us. Check out my full DIY over on Julep today, it's a cinch to make them, promise.

fourth of july cupcakes.JPG

I had to include a little behind the scenes action here. Photo shoots are messy, but I kind of love it. Oh, and I might have issues not snacking on the props in process...

messy fourth of july cupcakes.JPG
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