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Retro Redux: Remaking Classic Party Ideas

I have a soft spot in my heart for vintage entertaining books. I love the classics, crepe paper, fringe, tissue flowers and poms. There is a collection of old books in my office and they are filled to the brim with party ideas. You'd be surprised to find out that party decorations that are so 'new and modern' hitting Pinterest,  are in fact, not modern party decor at all. Tissue paper tassels? I found a DIY from the 1930s. Crepe paper fringe? I've got illustrations from the 40s. There are classic party decorations that never go out of style. Sure they might need to be invigorated and styled differently (wow is all I can say about 1970s photography) but if you learn how to make the basics you can't go wrong. So Retro Redux is an idea I have had kicking around in my head for some time. I want to bring back the classic party and I am going to show you how I do it, step by step. I'm not recreating the wheel here, I'm just styling it for today.


Fun right? You will be amazed and surprised at the wonderful decorations that have been hiding between the pages of some of my favorite books. Need a sneak peek of how fun this will be? Let's use this vintage book image above as inspiration. I found these rose cupcake picks from Sweet Estelle's Baking Supply. Love. I can't make a icing flower to save my life, but these would look lovely atop a simple white cupcake. Easiest party DIY ever? Just find something that is already out there.


I scored some gorgeous linen rose napkins and with these it could be the start of a party. All we need is a few accents of yellow and a ton of roses to make a bright and cheerful summer party.   Maybe pop in a few checks or a bold geometric print and we'll take it right out of the fifties and make a killer shindig. Now, I'm off to find that vintage paper flower DIY to make a fun treat for you. Stay tuned!

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