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Simple and Bold Modern Font: Nanami

There are a few subtle differences between modern fonts. They are all san serifs and tend to have the golden ratio of height and width, Helvetica is the classic you can't go wrong. But just in case you need something a little different or if you like to say you have a font that is less recognizable, I give you Nanami from Alex Haigh. This font looks great in both all caps and in lower case, which I have found to be rare. Since this is on sale, for 90 % off, so only $2.50 per font weight, I'd grab a few versions or all. You never know when you might need it.  

nanami 2.png
nanami 3.png

Check out the fun dollar sign and the asterisk! That asterisk is calling out for a pattern or DIY. Love!

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Catherine of Design Editor // Kerry of Super Swoon 

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