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Spooky and Bright: Halloween Giveaway

If you have been reading H+H for a while, you know I love a good book. I have tried to push Halloween back as far as I can, but I just can't hold it back any longer. It is officially October tomorrow and we've already started decorating. This year I want to try a more sophisticated approach to Halloween. Nothing too gory, but a spooky blend of black and white. My inspiration? Spooky & Bright, from Country Living, was the magic this witch was looking for. If you want Halloween to be elegant, but quirky and fun, you have to grab this book. Or you can your very own FREE copy in this here post. See below for details.

country living book spooky and bright.JPG

"To make your holiday marvelously macabre" there are 125 chic ideas to decorate for Halloween, recipes for ghoulish libations and treats. Not only do they show you bewitching photos of beautifully styled, yet spooky, vignettes, they have all the templates in the back of the book so you can recreate it yourself. I had the hardest time narrowing it down to just a few projects to share as my favorites. I remember this project from Country Living a few years ago, and I am doing it this year. How spooky and how incredibly easy!

spooky and bright halloween.JPG

I am leaning more towards this version below. Just throw a sheet on it and boom, instant abandoned abode. The kids will get a kick out of this and it will protect against spills, win win. Buy a few packages of white sheets at Marshall's or the clearance rack at Target and voila.

spooky and bright halloween book .JPG

Crepe paper flowers are so hot right now, and I'm dying for black flowers. This is the perfect solution. Sure you can pay for the premium calla lilies in that deep dark purple hue or you can grab some black crepe paper and whip up your own. Another benefit? These will last you all season so for those of us that decorate a smidge early (like now) we are all set. Aren't these gorgeous in a low bowl?

crepe paper flowers black halloween.JPG

Pretty, pretty star anise. They look like tiny little tissue paper fans. I really want to try the Apple Cider Punch, the perfect concoction for a Halloween party. Need a kid-friendly version? Just leave out the rum from the main punch bowl and put it in a decanter with a fun "poison" label.  Those who dare can add the extra punch in their punch.

apple cider punch halloween drinks.JPG

One more of my favorites, I love the idea of specialized black and white art as a spooky replacement to your usual decor. It looks like it has always been there and adds a nice finished look to your Halloween decorating. The best part is you can just replace the art in any of your existing galleries in your home. No remeasuring or hanging new frames, just swap out the art. Easy and awesome, that's my style.  

halloween decor art gallery.JPG

Feeling inspired? It's time to take back Halloween and put a modern sophisticated spin on it. 125 projects and recipes in Spooky & Bright will get you headed in the right direction. You can grab a copy here or enter to win your very own!

GIVEAWAY: Enter here! Contest goes until midnight on October 2nd.  

I was given a copy of this book to review but all opinions are my own.  

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